A Busy Summer

By now it has come to be expected that COVID will create interruptions and challenges in just about everything we do. International travel is much more complex than it was before, with governments changing their restrictions and requirements frequently. Because of this, more than once this year a trip has been carefully planned and scheduled, only to be wiped off the calendar with the sudden appearance of a new lockdown or travel restriction.

Meanwhile, operating schools in an on-again off-again fashion is less than ideal. Our students in Uganda have now been with us for almost two years and have just completed their first year of studies. We are hoping they will be able to begin their second year next month. When they can’t be at school, they are using their time in evangelism, and with great impact.

Not only are they evangelizing throughout western Uganda, but they are also going across the border to Congo, where they are finding fertile soil for the seed of the Gospel. So far they have planted five new congregations in Congo.

In more ways than one, people are hungry during this pandemic. They are hungry for truth, hungry for stability, and just plain hungry. Opportunities to help those in need have abounded. While we have not been able to help everyone, many of those that we have helped have seen the love of Christians, and as a result, came to know the love of Christ as they put Him on in Baptism.

In our personal lives, there are some exciting things happening. JD is now a senior in high school. His dream is to become an airline pilot. He has been working hard and saving his money and has started working toward that dream. Last month he earned his Private Pilot License! Also, over the summer, Leah’s parents moved to Hillsboro to be closer to us. They are now worshipping with us at Itasca.

Thank you for your continued prayers, encouragement, and support!

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