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Damian Lowe answers the question, “Is The Bible Really True?” with the help of Neil Stidolph

Over first couple of months in 2019 I ran a social media campaign and asked members of our community, “If you could ask God one question, what would you ask?” I took the questions that came in and ranked them by popularity. The six most popular questions became sermon topics for our Gospel Meeting. It was encouraging to see that the questions were focused around matters of salvation:

  • Who Is God?
  • Is The Bible Really True?
  • What Is Truth?
  • What’s The Point of Church?
  • Why Are There So Many Churches?
  • How Can I Know I’m Saved?

Beginning the first week of April students and faculty from the Brown Trail School of Preaching came to Itasca to knock doors, set up Bible studies, and hold our meeting. We were blessed to have students from both the English and Spanish departments with us. With their help, we knocked every door in Itasca, and most of the doors in the surrounding countryside.

We had a few visitors from the community come to the Gospel meeting as a direct result of the door knocking, and we have 29 prospects for Bible study, nine of which are Spanish speaking. The task that we have as a congregation is now to prayerfully follow up on these contacts and try to reach these souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am soliciting the help of the Spanish language preacher from Granbury Street in Cleburne to help conduct those studies.

We also live-streamed the lessons via facebook. To date those lesson videos have reached another 1,043 souls! We are prayerful that the Lord of the harvest will send forth more laborers, and that we will have eyes to see the fields that are white.

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