Coffee Helps You Live Longer

A new analysis of research involving 3.8 million subjects scattered around the globe suggests that moderate coffee consumption can extend life-expectancy and greatly reduces risk in several common causes of death. Specifically, they found that coffee drinkers were 15% less likely to die from any cause when drinking 3.5 cups per day, 17% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease when drinking 2.5 cups per day, and 4% less likely to die from cancers when drinking 2 cups per day.

These findings were true regardless of age, obesity, alcohol or tobacco use, and regardless of the caffeine content of the coffee consumed. It should be noted that a separate study concluded that consuming more than six cups per day created an increase in risk for cardiovascular disease.

Of course, neither study sufficiently defined how much coffee constitutes a cup. I personally own coffee mugs ranging in size from three ounces to twenty-four ounces. So, choose your cup wisely. In case you’re wondering, most standards assume that a cup of coffee is 5 ounces.

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