Epic Coffee


Hi, my name is Justin and I would like to invite you to have a good cup of coffee...or two.  Okay, maybe three - but only because after that you'll realize what you have been missing all your life and beg, er, I mean ask politely for me to build a fire and personally roast you some high quality coffee.

Epic Coffee

Always Fresh

We Roast Our Coffee within 24 hours of Shipping.

Whole Bean or Ground

Of course, whole bean is the best way to make your coffee epic. But, we can also custom grind your coffee just before shipping.

Natural Flavor

Every Batch is hand-roasted over an open flame to bring out the natural flavors in the best possible way.

About Our Coffee

“We want to share the unique story of coffee’s incredible journey to your cup, and our effort to fulfill all the responsibilities that working with coffee demands.”

Much of the coffee in the world is grown using the monoculture technique of clearing the land by cutting all the trees and planting high production hybrid coffee varieties.  Casa Ruiz has chosen to follow Boquete’s traditional methods and to protect the ecological richness of their farms producing coffee that is grown according to what the natural surroundings demand.  While this way of growing coffee does not produce a high yield of production, the combination of shade trees and the proper number of coffee plants provides many advantages.