Fast Iced Latte Recipe

Summer got here, and it got here fast. It’s hot outside, and you want iced coffee, but you don’t have any cold brew. What do you do?

You’ll need three glasses. With the first glass, add sugar to the empty glass, then brew espresso directly into the sugar or pour a strong, hot, coffee over the sugar. Mix the two.

The second glass needs to be filled about one-third to one-half with cold milk. Pour the hot coffee/sugar mixture into the milk. This will cool the coffee down, and mix your latte.

Finally, the third glass should be filled 3/4 full with ice. Pour the sugar/coffee/milk mixture over the ice and serve.

By following these steps, you get the strength of freshly brewed espresso. The hot espresso dissolves the sugar much better than a cold drink will. The cold milk cools the espresso before it hits the ice. That way your hot coffee doesn’t get diluted by melting the ice.

Problem solved!

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