How To Make Iced Coffee

How To Make Iced Coffee

As the temperatures turn warmer, people are wanting to know how to make iced coffee. To put it simply, pour your coffee over ice.

If you do this with hot coffee, the ice is all going to melt, and you’ll have watered-down luke-warm coffee. So, it is best to either let your coffee cool or refrigerate it before doing this. However, be aware that hot-brewed coffee tends to change flavor as it cools. That’s why reheated office coffee can taste pretty funky. Starting out with cold brew will usually yield a better result.

Another neat trick to keep your iced coffee tasting its best is to pour some coffee into ice-cube trays and freeze it. By using these ice cubes instead of frozen water, your iced coffee will get a little stronger as the ice melts instead of getting weaker. Try drinking it black, or with a little cream and sugar.

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